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Our waitlists for individual therapy (youth and adults) is REOPENED for clients who are comfortable working with one of our graduate student internsStudents have had more than one internship prior to coming to us, they are provided with a robust training and supervision throughout their internship at ARTrelief, and they are with our center until May 2024. If you have been working with a student, come the month of April we will evaluate if your goals have been met or not, and it they have not we can plan to transfer you/your child to a staff clinician at that point. 

We currently have openings for family and couples therapy, as well as groups

If you are a returning client or you are an existing client referring a family member (specify name of current client), please fill out the form below and we will be in contact to get the process started. If something does not pertain to you on this form please indicate n/a.

To register for services please email us the following information pertaining to your health insurance at

  1. Insurance Plan Name

  2. Insurance Number on the card

  3. Name of Subscriber

  4. DOB of Subscriber


Please submit the information below:

List services are you interested in:
Do you Prefer In-person or Virutal therapy appointment?
Preferred Therapy Modality

Thank you! Your message has been sent and we will be back in touch with you soon.

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