Parenting Together
Saturdays 3-4:30pm, $10* per parent, 16 per dyad 
A monthly parent education, skills building workshop and support group for all parents.
***temporarily on pause due to safety reasons related to Covid-19
Parenting can be the most rewarding role we play in our lives, and at the same time it can be an area that leaves us feeling defeated and inadequate. All parents go through difficult periods, and no parent can meet all their child'd needs, especially when they are raising children with complex needs. Having information, skills and support will help balance the ebs and flow of this imperfect journey.
When children and adolescents receive counseling at ARTrelief, parent education, skills training and support will be part of the services you receive. If you feel like you need more than what your therapist can provide, this workshop may be for you!
Please note that artLAB is available for parents who wish to bring their children ($8* per child) at the workshop.
*Please contact us at if you need financial aid.