Minimum 2 hours rental + set up/clean up time ($1 a minute)


- Includes handicap accessible bathroom, tables, chairs, refrigerator, coffee machine, electric kettle, 

microwave oven.

- For cooking/use of stove top and/or toaster over additional charges apply.

- Children under 1 years old are not required to pay and do not need to be counted as a guest.

Kitchen and play space (does not include toys): $55/h - up to 18 guests total.

Kitchen and conference room: $80/h - up to 40 guests total.

• Kitchen and art room (does not include any art material): $65**/h - up to 10 guests total

in art room. **extra rooms are NOT included and need to be added to the total

Eco Art

SPACE RENTAL + Play Space with Toys Contact us for a list of toys/props available

•   Kitchen and toy space 1 + 2 (best for children up to 5 years old): $90/h - up to 18 guests total 

•    Kitchen, toy space 1 + 2 (best for children up to 5 years old), and conference room with toys:  $180/h - up to 40 guests total

SPACE RENTAL + Expressive Arts Workshops* Add these to make your party EXPRESSIVE

A Minimum of 8 participants is required for these workshops, cost includes material unless specified. Space rental is included in the fee

during workshop, for additional party time see space rental cost above. Please keep in mind that if you want to have time for cake and/or

food, you might want to plan extra time beyond the workshop, as well as set-up and clean-up time.  There will be some down time while

children finish the activity during which you might want to use one of the other rooms, please call or email to get a personalized quote

for your birthday needs.

*Ask about workshops available in FRENCH, SPANISH and HEBREW

*Minimum/maximum number of participants per workshop may vary 


  • Paint Workshop (2h, age 12+): $30 per person (canvas and acrylic paint included)

  • Sketching and Drawing Workshop (1h, age 10+): $15 per person (pencils, markers, oil and chalk pastels, charcoal)

  • DIY Gift Soap (1h, all ages): $15 per person

  • Wood burning basics (1.5h, age 12+): $25 per person (wood and tools included)

  • EcoArt Workshop (1h, all ages): $15 per person (art project with recycled material)

  • Basics of Clay Workshop (2h, all ages): $30 per person - Ages 4 and under $16 per Child

  • Print Making Workshop (2h, all age): $30 per person (includes a T-Shirt)

  • Plaster CARVING Workshop (1.5h, age 10+): $25 per person

  • Sensory Art (1h, all ages): $12 per person (choose one below)

    • Flubber fun

    • Finger painting

    • Home made shinny play doe

    • DIY sensory visual bottle

    • Glow in the dark mandalas and lanterns

BODY PAINTING & MAKE-UP PARTY - call or email to get a quote

  • Face painting

  • Make-up party (5-10 participants)

  • Belly painting

  • Body painting



  • Music Circle for Children 0-5 (songs, movement games and hand held instruments):

$120/45mn session (includes space rental cost for that hour)

  • Sing-a-long for Children, Teenagers, Adults (AVAILABLE IN FRENCH for 0-4yo): $120/45mn

  • Theatre Improvisation games for Children, Teenagers, Adults (AVAILABLE IN FRENCH): $120/45mn

  • Dance/movement class for all ages (AVAILABLE IN FRENCH): $120/45mn

COOKING CLASS: Celebrate your birthday with a simple and fun cooking class

- call or email to get a quote

GOODY BAGS: Arts & Crafts Sensory party gifts under $6/bag (ask for a list of items and a quote)



  • Application form and quote provided prior to booking a party

  • Contract provided upon booking a party

  • $100 non refundable deposit and $150 security deposit (refundable within 15 business days) are required to book a party/rental

  • Final payment due on day of the party (check or credit card with extra 3%)

  • All confirmation and final guest list due 2 weeks prior to party

  • Additional charges applied for returned checks, and late payments

We had a wonderful experience with a birthday party at Art Relief. The service was so pleasant, the site ready on time , as planned. There was room for the kids to play. The birthday girl and guests had a great time painting T-shirt’s. A big convenience was the parking right across the street . Thank you ! 10/27/18

It's PARTy Time!