Marbling is an ancient craft that can be fun at any age. With minimal set up time, this set makes it easy and accessible to anyone, and the results are so dramatic that you will want to do it again! The set includes six marbling inks and a sheet of perforated circles. This small set gave us the best results when we compared it with others and it was the least messy too. The ink is bright and strong, so you won't need more than a drop or two per batch, makign this product long-lasting. Please note inks are non-washable and will stain clothing.


Steps for this activity:

  1. Fill a large and clean bin with water
  2. Place a paper circle from the kit on the surface of the water
  3. Place a drop of ink on top of it. This will prevent the ink from sinking to the bottom, and remaint on the surface where you will place your paper to be imprinted.
  4. Use ustensils such as plastic forls or toothpicks to create a marbling design. Avoid moving the water bin or sturring the paint too much or it will become muddy looking.
  5. Once you are happy with your deisn, simply lay paper onto the surface of the water and the material will become imprinted.
  6. A brief rinsing in clean water is all that's necessary to "set" the design
  7. Use your paper for gift wrap, stationery, collage, frane it or just have fun!

Marbling Set (Japanese Suminagashi)

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