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Healthy Spirit, Good Health - Daily Tip #1:

A crisis will make anyone's emotional state oscillate between panic and calm, THIS IS NORMAL! We are all going through various phases of grief as we experience this event. Anger, shock, denial, sadness... all the emotions you will feel in times like these are part of the process. Try to notice these varying and shifting states within yourself or others without judgment. Instead, greet them with welcome and compassion. To flatten the stress curve and counter the activation of your reptile brain, try to stay connected to your body and simplify your life. The following suggestions are not medical advice, but tips that may help in relieving some of the stress:

  • Move throughout the day

  • Get a lot of fresh air

  • Take frequent breaks to feel the sun outdoor, or in front of a window if you can't go out

  • Seek comforting sensory input

  • Do "bucket filling" activities that connect you to hope and positive thinking

  • Laugh

  • Try a body scan:

  • If you have a child try this one:

The ARTrelief Team

Photo by Ron Smith on Unsplash - Light up sign hanging in a dark wooded area, indicating the word "hope", with a few lightbulbs hanging above it.

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