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Saturdays: weekly, 10:00am-12:00pm

$100 for 5 weeks*, drop in $30

Attendance does not need to be consecutive, there is no cancelation fee however we required an RSVP 24h prior.


For Ages  8+

gameLAB is a supportive and playful group for children ages 8+ that will explore ways to collaboratively play through the use of board games and improvisational play. 


The intent of this group is to encourage children to develop collaborative play and self-esteem through concrete success. The structure and interventions are designed for participants to be able to practice and develop a "group mind", explore social roles and strengthen self-regulation abilities all while having fun!  


This group will utilize an emotional regulation curriculum to help participants learn to identify and advocate for their emotional and sensory needs, all while being sensitive of their impact on the group process.       

Ask us if your health insurance reimburses for this group or part of it. ​

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