I am a Clinical Social Worker informed by DIR (the Developmental, Individual-differences, & Relationship-based foundational framework for understanding human development). I have experience supporting children and families of various ages and stages with the challenges associated with the symptoms of sensory processing and regulation, ADHD, presentations of ASD, emotional and behavioral difficulties, trauma, anxiety, and related parenting issues. Joining the client where they are, with a strengths-based perspective, we work to identify, explore, and process affective internal states, develop social-emotional aptitudes, and nurturing pro-social cognitive narratives.

Rachel Castleberry



Clinical Supervisor

Trainings Coordinator

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

RDT, Registered Drama Therapist

DBT Specialist

In the last ten years, I have worked with both children and adults in a variety of settings, who have experienced many destabilizing events, to include: disrupted placement in the family home due to involvement with foster care and residential programming, addiction, homelessness, complications from complex trauma and mental health diagnoses, and involvement in the juvenile and adult legal system.  

In an effort to ameliorate the distressful remnants of such destabilizing events, I use drama therapy with a primary focus on empathy, humor, cultural humility, and strengths-based feedback and support. My aim being to help people detach from maladaptive repeating patterns, and increase self-assurance in the ability to cope with life on life's terms. 

Amanda Bravo



MA, Mental Health Counselor

R-DMT, Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

Fluent in Spanish

Amelia Crawford



MA, Mental Health Counselor

Certified Expressive Arts Therapist

Piano Instructor

I received a masters degree in mental health counseling and intermodal expressive arts therapy in 2012. My artistic background is in music, as a teacher and performer. I have studied extensively in the field of West African and Haitian folkloric dance. I also have years of experience working in jewelry design and production, including metallurgy, stone inlay and bead work.

As an intermodal expressive arts therapist, I use a range of artistic modalities in working with clients, including music, dance, visual and fabric arts, as well as writing, play, and talk therapy. Meditation techniques, dialectical behavioral therapy and a client centered,trauma informed approach are also strong components in my therapeutic work.

Amanda Bravo is Nuyorican with a Dual Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Dance Movement Therapy. Throughout her professional career, she has developed a dedication to the therapeutic power of the arts, culturally affirming and responsive practices, and authentic living. As a Family Therapist, Bravo carries extensive experience, working with varying family structures, and works collaboratively with public systems, including public school districts and the Department of Children and Families, to advocate for her clients. Her culturally responsive approach to the arts in healing heavily influences her work, and this approach guides Bravo's Trauma-oriented, strengths-based approach that is rooted in Multisystemic Family Therapy. When Amanda isn’t serving as ARTrelief’s Family Therapist, she spends her time making others smile, spends time with animals (especially dogs!), is taking dance classes, is making art, and is partnering with the community to make a positive impact.


Being a self-described “Community Partner,” Bravo continuously finds ways to positively impact her community. Past partnerships include serving as a Youth Development Mentor at Chica Project, A Family Clinician at COMPASS, a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Facilitator at The Boston Center Partial Hospitalization Program, and as a Founder/Artistic Director at Yo Soy LOLA. In addition to being highlighted as one of Amplify Latinx’s Amplifiers for Hispanic heritage month, Bravo has presented at conferences and panels for organizations such as the New England Dance Therapy Association and at events such as Community of Scholars Day at Lesley University, Surviving Coronavirus: The Black & Brown #COVID19 Breakdown (in collaboration with At-Large Boston City Councilor Julia Mejia), A Discussion on Intergenerational Healing” (in collaboration with Dunamis and Creatives of Color Boston), LOLArte: A virtual Expressive Arts Ofrecimiento, and Runaways post-show Panelist at Boston University. Additionally, Amanda has facilitated classes and workshops such as the Express Yourself series, Dance Movement Therapy groups at Perkins School for the Blind, and the Movement Mends series at Urbanity, and has provided staff development trainings at various community organizations across the New England area.

Amy Bebegal



Licensed Clinical Social Worker

DESE, Certified School Adjustment Counselor

Jessica MacLean Shekleton



MA, Mental Health Counselor

Board Certified Music Therapist

Neurologic Music Therapy

I am a music therapist with a dual master’s degree in music therapy and mental health counseling. My personal experience with music as a classically trained flutist and music teacher for all ages brought me to the music therapy field.

I use music as a way to help clients express, process, emote, and grow. I have extensive experience working as an early intervention music therapist and clinician. I also use music as a method of communication. I have worked in a Vietnamese orphanage, using music to create a sense of community. I am most experienced in working with children with developmental delays, anxiety, depression, and trauma backgrounds.

I graduated with a master’s degree in mental health counseling, trained in the expressive art therapies with a specialization in drama therapy. My training as a professional stage actor and improviser informs my emphasis on relaxation and grounding.

I have experience working with individuals across the age spectrum and in a variety of locales including inpatient recovery programs, residential centers, outpatient offices and client homes. I have served clients with behavioral needs, mood, anxiety and attention deficit disorders, schizophrenic disorders and bipolar disorders.

I use an assortment of art and drama therapy interventions so that each individual has space to discover the emotions and needs that their unique story brings. I provide a safe space of honor and respect for each individual to process what they find in their unique contribution to history."

I am both a Registered Art Therapist and Licensed Mental Health Counselor, and worked for several years within the community as an In Home Therapist. I use creative expression in tandem with clinical assessment and treatment as a way to provide support in the work towards personal growth. My passion lies in using art making as a personalized process to explore and understand how emotions and life experiences impact our day to day lives, as I believe visual images can communicate powerful insight into our own challenges and strengths. I have used a wide array of art styles and materials over the years and encourage exploration of creative materials to support healthy self care and personal growth. My experiences lie in using cognitive-behavioral skills, as well as being trained in trauma informed practices to focus on the person as a whole, including individual strengths to support this ever growing process of understanding one's self. 

I graduated with a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling with an emphasis on expressive arts therapy.

I love exploring all of the different types of arts though I do have a personal preference for writing stories/poetry and music. I’ve loved to write stories and compose music since I was young. But I also have a lot of experience with play and art due to working with children and teenagers for almost all of my career, both in counseling and before counseling. My main experience working in the field has been in outpatient where I met with a variety of people from different ages and backgrounds. I have the most experience counseling others who have anxiety, depression, and trauma. 

Jonathan Nichols



Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Registered Drama Therapist

Kc Schuck



Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Registered Art Therapist

Sarah Morse



Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Art Therapist

I am an art therapist and family therapist. I completed my clinical training in the San Francisco Bay Area and have experience working with clients across the lifespan in settings such as school districts, intensive outpatient clinics, adolescent inpatient units, and community based non profit organizations. Some of the issues I have helped clients with include depression, anxiety, transitions, complex trauma, psychosis, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, and the unique challenges sometimes presented with parenting a child who has special needs. Using a trauma informed approach and attachment focused lens, I have found it to be my life work to understand how creative expression can increase our communication with others and enhance our ability to cope and heal. Additionally, it is my goal to decrease the stigma of mental health in our society and use art as a strategy to strengthen communities. Some expressive modalities I utilize with clients include but are not limited to visual arts, music, horticulture, dance, movement, and play. Using a friendly, gentle and strength-based demeanor I strive to help my clients find their inner “voice” and join them on their creative journey to wellness.

Michelle Vidal



MA, Mental Health Counselor

Expressive Art Therapist

Fluent in Spanish