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I am a Clinical Social Worker informed by DIR (the Developmental, Individual-differences, & Relationship-based foundational framework for understanding human development). I have experience supporting children and families of various ages and stages with the challenges associated with the symptoms of sensory processing and regulation, ADHD, presentations of ASD, emotional and behavioral difficulties, trauma, anxiety, and related parenting issues. Joining the client where they are, with a strengths-based perspective, we work to identify, explore, and process affective internal states, develop social-emotional aptitudes, and nurturing pro-social cognitive narratives.

Amy Bebergal, LCSW

Office Manager, Supervisor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

DESE, Certified School Adjustment Counselor

Ivory Rose Blanchette, MA, MFT

artLAB Program Coordinator

Marriage and Family Therapist

Amanda Bysheim
MA, Mental Health Counselor
Music Therapist


I received a masters degree in mental health counseling with a specialization in music therapy in 2022, as well as a bachelors degree in music technology with a focus in vocal performance in 2016. While voice is my primary instrument, I also have experience with guitar, piano, xylophone, world drums, and digital audio software such as Protools, Logic, and Soundtrap. In addition to music, I also have a passion for visual art, knitting, crocheting, dancing, coloring, paper crafts, and more. I have worked with clients of varying ages and diagnoses, in both outpatient and more intensive, in-home settings. I work from a holistic, person-centered, strengths-based, and trauma-informed lens to meet clients where they are at and provide a supportive space on their healing journey. From a young age, I have learned to utilize music to navigate life’s various challenges, hardships, and trauma and would be honored to pass this knowledge on to my clients. Music provides an excellent space to express emotions from a safe distance, provide expression for emotions you may not have words for, and help create new ways to cope with the stress of life. “When words fail, music speaks.” - Hans Christian Andersen.

Amelia Crawford, LMHC-EXT

Supervisor, Piano Instructor

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Certified Expressive Arts Therapist

I received a masters degree in mental health counseling and intermodal expressive arts therapy in 2012. My artistic background is in music, as a teacher and performer. I have studied extensively in the field of West African and Haitian folkloric dance. I also have years of experience working in jewelry design and production, including metallurgy, stone inlay and bead work.

As an intermodal expressive arts therapist, I use a range of artistic modalities in working with clients, including music, dance, visual and fabric arts, as well as writing, play, and talk therapy. Meditation techniques, dialectical behavioral therapy and a client centered,trauma informed approach are also strong components in my therapeutic work.

Cecelia Fioriello, MA, MHC-EXT

MA, Mental Health Counselor
Certified Expressive Arts Therapist


I received my masters degree in mental health counseling and intermodal expressive arts therapy. From a young age, I have been drawn to various artmaking modalities and experienced the power of self-expression and connection to self through the arts. My artistic background includes writing, visual art making, music, and singing. I believe the process of making art is a powerful therapy. I have had experience in the field working with youth and adolescents experiencing severe anxiety, depression, and emotional distress. As an expressive arts therapist, I utilize a range of art modalities while working with clients. I use a person-centered, strengths-based approach which meets clients where they are to create an authentic therapeutic relationship to best fit the individual needs of the client.

I am a creative arts therapist and am involved in research in the field. I am devoted to curiosity, inquiry, and experimentation in the creative arts therapies and kinesthetically oriented approaches to mental health counseling.

I’m also an actor and have a lifelong background and rigorous training in the theatre. My passion for the art form is what I bring to all the work I do, and I believe the craft is capable of transforming lives and fortifying resilience when applied skillfully and with intention. I work in all creative arts modalities, though my practice largely is informed by the vitality of the theatre, the structure and transformational freedom of acting technique, the philosophies of dramatic theory, the making of meaning through expressive language and creative storytelling, and the ultimate finding of our connections with universality through artmaking in any form. In the therapeutic process, I’m interested in engaging with a person’s entire physical presence; helping people find spontaneity, ease, and safety in their bodies; sparking a person’s natural ability to imagine playfully and uninhibitedly; and co-creating a supportive, reliable environment for the release of vocal and musculoskeletal tension to reveal and/or foster a person’s authentic self.

I’ve worked with clients and students of most all ages as both a therapist and a teacher and have trained in various acting and physical theatre techniques as well as the Alexander Technique and Fitzmaurice Voicework®. I’m certified in Toxic Stress Reduction and Compassion Care. I am an endorsed practitioner of Rainbowdance®, an early-childhood music and movement program created by Dicki Macy of the Boston Children’s Foundation.

Edward Freeman, MA, MHC-DT

MA, Mental Health Counselor
Certified Creative Arts Therapist

I am Naowarat Irwin or Nonay, a mental health clinician and registered dance/movement therapist proficient in integrating clinical psychotherapy and expressive arts therapies to support and facilitate clients’ mental health conditions. I have a background in Arts and Dance Education and completed my Master's degree in Clinical mental health counseling with a specialization in Dance/ Movement Therapy. Being an artist of my own life since I was a young age, arts have given me a tool to interconnect with myself, my soul, mind, and body, as well as guided me to the path of being, healing, transforming, and growing. I have been passionate and believe in the integrative holistic therapeutic approach of mind-body connection from eastern to western perspectives in clinical practice to promote client’s mental health and wellness. Throughout my career, I have worked with children, adolescents, and families from different racial and cultural backgrounds who experienced various forms of mental and behavioral difficulties, different levels of intensity of trauma, and a wide range of diagnoses.

Naowarat B. Irwin, MA, MHC-RDT

MA, Mental Health Counselor
Registered Dance Movement Therapist

Fluent in Thai language

Sarah Morse, LMFT-AT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Art Therapist


I am an art therapist and family therapist. I completed my clinical training in the San Francisco Bay Area and have experience working with clients across the lifespan in settings such as school districts, intensive outpatient clinics, adolescent inpatient units, and community based non profit organizations. Some of the issues I have helped clients with include depression, anxiety, transitions, complex trauma, psychosis, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders, and the unique challenges sometimes presented with parenting a child who has special needs. Using a trauma informed approach and attachment focused lens, I have found it to be my life work to understand how creative expression can increase our communication with others and enhance our ability to cope and heal. Additionally, it is my goal to decrease the stigma of mental health in our society and use art as a strategy to strengthen communities. Some expressive modalities I utilize with clients include but are not limited to visual arts, music, horticulture, dance, movement, and play. Using a friendly, gentle and strength-based demeanor I strive to help my clients find their inner “voice” and join them on their creative journey to wellness.

I am a clinical mental health counselor. I have a number of years working with youth and adults in a variety of different settings such as a residential, an addiction treatment program, and nursing homes. Within these settings I worked with diverse populations which was highly informative for my commitment to social justice and inclusivity. My passions include some of the many different forms of art in which I have practiced such as writing, music, and circus arts. I have witnessed the transformative experience of art and strive to bring that into people’s lives. I believe the ability to express oneself in a healthy way is one of the most powerful tools to increase functioning and decrease symptoms. I want to help people make meaning out of their experiences and feel it is a privilege to be a part of a healing process where that takes place.

Robert Stull, MA, MHC-AT

MA, Mental Health Counselor

I am an Art Therapist and received my educational and clinical training in Art Therapy and Counseling. I use art to help folx with symptom management, artistic expression, and emotional processing while also promoting self-care. I believe in the power of non-verbal expression and how we are able to find new things about ourselves through the creation of visual art. I personally enjoy abstract painting and ceramics when creating art on my own, but encourage the use of different media in order to meet the individual needs and goals a person may have.

Tiffany Tong, MA, MHC-AT

MA, Mental Health Counselor
Art Therapist

Madeline Ludtke, MA, MHC-AT

MA, Mental Health Counselor
Certified Art Therapist

Conversational Spanish 

I received my master’s degree in art therapy and clinical mental health counseling. In my own art practice, I have discovered the therapeutic benefits of creating, which inspired me to pursue a career in art therapy. I have gained experience in the field working with individuals of all ages and abilities, including older adults in assisted living settings, individuals with dementia, and people living with physical disabilities and progressive illnesses. I believe that everyone has the potential to engage in the creative process, regardless of their age or abilities. In my practice, I utilize a person-centered and strengths-based approach to meet clients where they’re at and support them throughout their therapeutic journey. I often incorporate the use of a variety of artistic mediums and expressive therapies modalities in order to best meet the needs of those who I am working with. I have used the arts to help individuals utilize their strengths and skillsets, process change or grief in their lives, promote self-care and wellness, and explore themselves and their experiences on a deeper level.

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