"There was a great instructor, who guided us through the steps of the project [there were three layers], but what I loved about it - is that we had the freedom to either follow the steps or not, and simply enjoy the process of creation. Highly recommended for a nice quiet outing. The activity was suitable for even toddlers [there was a 4 year old]." Parent.

artLAB© is a drop-in expressive arts studio, where one can come learn, experience safe stimulation, exchange ideas, create visual art, make music, dance, and play among other people of all ages, background and abilities. artLAB is an inclusive creative space where all people are welcome and have equal rights. We ask participants to care for the material and space as if it were their own, and join us in maintaining a clean, organized and safe space for everyone.

Though artLAB is facilitated by a professional who will be able to teach skills, the creative process and sensory exploration of material are mostly self-directed. The facilitator provides a semi-structured space in which they guide, mentor, encourage, support, reflect, and promote connections, which ultimately allow participants to learn in a way that suits them best. Directives, teaching and technique provide a rigor in which a person may step out of their comfort zone, explore something new, and come out with more confidence and/or newfound appreciation for an old form of expression. 

Hours of Operation*:


TUESDAY:         9:30am-5:30pm

THURSDAY:      9:30am-5:30pm

FRIDAY:             9:30am-5:30pm 

SATURDAY:      10:00am-5:00pm Please note that we are currently at capacity on Saturdays between 10 and 1pm.

We are closed for the following holidays:

New Year's day, Martin Luther King's Day, Easter Day, Independence Day (4th of July),

Labor Day, Indigenous People's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas.



$10.00*/hour (basic art supplies included), paint $8 for any consecutive hour

$16.00/hour for Couples, Siblings and Parent/Child (free for non participating parent).


ARTpass: $80.00* for 10 artLAB hours



Unlimited use of artLAB space, RSVP required.

$175 per month (minimum 6 months membership) or $ 1,995 per year

3 hours per week use of artLAB space, RSVP required.

$108 per months ($8/h) 

6 hours per week use of artLAB space, RSVP required.

$189 per month ($7/h)

10 hours per week use of artLAB space, RSVP required.

$270 per month ($6/h)

*Additional costs may apply for special events to cover costs of art supplies and/or guests artists.

"It was a cold Saturday morning, and I decided to take my 4th grader and my 2nd grader and checkout ARTrelief. We came in to the Saturday's open studio hours, and had wonderful, creative and relaxing time. The three of us did the art project of the day, enjoyed the time together.: - Parent

ARTrelief's Expressive Arts inclusive studio called artLAB™,was supported in part by a 2017 grant from the Watertown Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.

What Are The Potential Therapeutic Benefits Of Attending artLAB?

• Provides positive health outcomes, improves physical shape

• Provides sense of control and mastery

• Can improve in overall functioning

• Viable and less costly non-pharmaceutical option for symptom management

• Social engagement, reduces isolation
• Improved communication, self-expression
• Relaxation, mindfulness, stress-management

• Encourages playfulness and a sense of humor

• Improved cognitive reserve
• Sensory stimulation
• Fosters a stronger sense of identity
• Increased self-esteem, sense of accomplishment and self-actualization
• Reduced boredom

What does an artLAB include?

  • A facilitated semi-structure space to engaged in a creative process and learn skills.

  • ART material: paint, watercolor, multi media paper, glitter, glue, dry and oil pastel, chalk, pencils, color pencils, markers, sharpies, building supplies, packing tape, recycled and natural material. Additional material may sometimes be available, and also purchased at a discounted price at our store.

  • BODY CENTERED: Movement spaces for Yoga, meditation, stretching, yoga props.

  • PLAY areas: Gross and fine motor areas, toys, dramatic play area, costumes, sensory integration tools and spaces

  • QUIET areas.

  • BOOKS for all ages.

  • MUSIC area with instruments: drum set, piano, hand held drums, microphone and small amplifier, hand held instruments.