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What is Therapeutic Mentoring? 

  • Therapeutic mentoring offers structured, one-to-one strength-based support services between a Therapeutic Mentor and a youth under the age of 21.

  • Through creative learning experiences that would naturally occur in their everyday life, youth and their mentors address daily living, social and communication needs. These skill-building needs are identified by the youth's clinical team and family, and formulated by a hub: Outpatient Therapist, In-Home Therapist, or Intensive Care Coordinator.

  • Therapeutic Mentors work to model, educate, motivate, and coach youth on how to practice overcoming obstacles.

  • Therapeutic Mentors work in collaboration with the child’s family and their clinical team to achieve specific skill-building goals. They work with the child to provide feedback to the family on their progress and the skills they are practicing, and collaborate with the family when they need to implement these strategies at home.

Where do Services Take Place? 

Mentoring sessions can take place in the youth’s home, foster home, childcare center, or other community setting. 

Examples of Skill Building Goals:

  • Daily living skills (following and maintaining routines)

  • Building interpersonal skills

  • Finding and engaging positive peers

  • Developing a sense of belonging

  • Adjusting to a new town or country

  • Finding and identifying natural mentors

  • Advocating for needs

  • Setting positive and realistic goals for self

  • Adapting to and attending preschool/school

  • Transitioning to adulthood

  • Developing positive family relationships


Youth under the age of 21 who are members of MassHealth and some private health insurances can access this service. Referral to Therapeutic Mentoring can only be made if the child is already engaged in one of the following services: Outpatient Therapy, In-Home Therapy, or Intensive Care Coordination


"When my daughter first started going through some really tough times I found  in-home therapy. They got me in touch with ARTrelief to get her a Therapeutic Mentor.  At the time all the stuff we were going through with in-home therapy, my doctors appointments, all I could think was: great, another person in our lives! Then we met my daughter's Therapeutic Mentor. She was amazing from the first time we met with her, she insisted being involved in the in-home therapy sessions. She supported her at IEP meetings, OT appointments, school and at home. My daughter found her voice and is now is able to advocate for herself thanks to the Mentoring Service. Her mentor was kind, patient , passionate, caring and also strong which was exactly what she needed. My daughter met lots

 of bumps in the road but with the goals and exercises her Therapeutic Mentor set up for, she was able to manage and maintain and meet all of those goals.

Best, MR, parent"

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