Beneficial to those experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression/isolation,

difficulties with sensory processing, social and/or academic life. 

On-going on Thursdays, 4:30-6:30pm

• 4:30-5:00pm - Body Awareness though stretching, Yoga poses, breath and meditation

• 5:00-6:00pm - Art Therapy

Cost: $250 for 10 weeks - $25* per group (1.5 hours)

*Health Insurances may reimburse fully or partially the cost of this group. Click here to find out what your coverage is.


Note: An intake packet will be emailed to you upon registration, please fill it out and return it prior to your teen/tween starting the group. If you wish to use your teen/tween's health insurance for this group, please provide their health insurance information on the form, which you can email back at securececile@artrelief.com. We will be in contact with you upon receipt of this information to set up an appointment.

Teens are highly invested in learning from peers; they learn life skills from observing one another and the trial and error effects of their actions. As a result they seek out peer support and feedback through interactions. Social interaction is key to this developmental stage in that it prepares them for their future where interpersonal skills, identity, patterns of behaviors and thinking can lead to a healthy, balance and adaptive life. 

This expressive arts therapy group will highlight these social needs through the use of yoga, stretching, breath, movement, and visual art. Individual goals are set as objectives, and an emphasis is made on communication, conversation, negotiating ideas and self-actualization through verbal and non-verbal expression.

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