American Dance Therapy Associatio (ADTA) Definition:


"Based on the empirically supported premise that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected, the American Dance Therapy Association defines dance and movement therapy as the psychotherapeutic use of movement to further the emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of the individual.

Dance and movement therapy is:

  • Focused on movement behavior as it emerges in the therapeutic relationship.  Expressive, communicative, and adaptive behaviors are all considered for group and individual treatment.  Body movement, as the core component of dance, simultaneously provides the means of assessment and the mode of intervention for dance/movement therapy.

  • Is practiced in mental health, rehabilitation, medical, educational and forensic settings, and in nursing homes, day care centers, disease prevention, health promotion programs and in private practice.

  • Is effective for individuals with developmental, medical, social, physical and psychological impairments.

  • Is used with people of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds in individual, couples, family and group therapy formats."



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What is Dance and

Movement Therapy?

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