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Dance and Movement Floor Fund:

Help us build new floors so we can

continue to offer low cost dance/

movement classes and workshops,

for all ages and all abilities:


Having a Movement and Dance floor which can be accessible to all people is very important to us!


The space is currently carpeted and it is used for:

  • Community play space

  • Dance and movement space

  • Yoga

  • Music therapy groups for adults with developmental disabilities

  • Theatre improvisation workshops

  • Expressive arts workshops

  • Birthday parties


We want to be able to offer more Dance/Movement classes for all ages and all abilities, and stay close to our mission to keep costs low so it can be inclusive to all people. Our current rates vary from $6 a day to $15 per hour, depending on the offering, averaging at an $8 per hour rate.

We need $5,000 to be able to raise the current cement floors, and replace the carpet finish in our movement room with a smooth wood floor, safer for walkers, sliders, crawlers and wheelers. A small part of the funds raised will also be used to expand the movement space, and create shelving to store props and toys. Any leftover funds will go towards purchasing new gross motor material, bolsters and yoga props.

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