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Saturdays, weekly 11:30am-12:30pm

$10 drop in, $80 for 10 groups 

This weekly expressive arts open group focuses on connection, non-verbal and verbal creative expression, and community building through singing and playing music. Participants are encouraged to sing-a-long familiar tunes, explore playing various instruments, be playful, interact, and use their imagination to create music, make up songs and musical stories.

Ask us if your health insurance reimburses for this group or part of it. ​


Music Exploration


$70 for 10 weeks, $8 single class RSVP required

For ages 3 to 5 

This group will be an interactive learning space for 3-5 years old children to explore and develop their experience of music.

Using sing-alongs, movement activities, and age appropriate instruments, toddlers will be invited to sing, dance, and play instruments, while being introduced to musical concepts such as rhythm, pitch, tempo and pattern identification. A "special guest" comes to the group each week, which can be a new instrument, a new song in a different language or from a different part of the world, or an actual guest!

Musical exploration can help develop fine and gross skills, as well as skills of self-expression, communication and interactions in a group setting.

Fun will had by all!

Ask us if your health insurance reimburses for this group or part of it. ​


The first years of life are a critical time for building the physical, mental and emotional foundations that will support us for the rest of our lives. Several studies support the theory that movement, music, play and art can have very positive effects on child development by building language, intellectual and social-emotional skills, and jump starting certain inherent patterns in parts of the brain responsible for spatial-temporal reasoning, and developing problem salving abilities. This group engages young ones through their senses via sound-making, music-making, movement, and stories/puppets.

Ask us if your health insurance reimburses for this group or part of it. ​


Music, Stay & Play

For 0-3 years old

Mondays, weekly 10:00-10:30

$10 drop in, $80 for 10 groups, RSVP required 

Use Move & Play Space use at no extra cost

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