Sing-A-Long Music Therapy

All ages and Abilities are Welcome!

On-going, Saturdays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Cost options: $10* per person


This weekly music therapy group usually opens with rhythm and vocal improvisation. The group focuses on connection, non-verbal and verbal creative expression, and community building through singing and playing music. Participants are encouraged to sing-a-long familiar tunes, explore playing various instruments, be

playful, interact, and use their imagination to create music, make up songs and musical stories.

This is a community space, all ages and abilities can attend. Currently the group is adult focused, though

children occasionally join with their parents.

Note: This is a drop-in group. It is always best to let us know the first time you come so we can plan to give you

a tour and help you orient, however you can also just drop in.

*If you wish to use your health insurance for this group, please contact us:

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