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Sing-A-Long Music Therapy

All ages and Abilities are Welcome!

On-going, Saturdays, 11:30am-12:30pm (currently on zoom)

Cost options: $10* per person


This weekly music therapy group focuses on connection, non-verbal and verbal creative expression, and community building through singing and playing music. Participants are encouraged to sing-a-long familiar tunes, explore playing various instruments, be

playful, interact, and use their imagination to create music, make up songs and musical stories. Rhythm and vocal improvisation are welcome!

This is a community space, all ages and abilities can attend. 

Note: This is a drop-in group. It is always best to let us know the first time you come so we can plan to give you a tour and help you orient, however you can also just drop in.

*If you wish to use your health insurance for this group, please contact us:

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