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My family has been coming to ARTelief for 6 years. My kids love their activities and atmosphere. They get creative movement for kids, make art projects, creative play time and meeting lots of new friends. Sometimes there is live music, special activity like soap making and cooking classes. They get a lot out of it each time we come.

- Nathalie, parent, 2018

Awarded the Sining Star Inclusion Award by the Waltham Special Education Parent Advisory Council (WSEPAC), in 2011. This award embodies the spirit and the mission of the WSEPAC and is presented at the annual reception to individuals or organizations that have demonstrated exemplary service and dedication in their effort to include children with special needs in school and the community.

I cant believe how hard it is for parents to find help for children and even adults with any kind of mental health issues in the country, it's actually quite sad. I had to do my own digging and research to get any help for daughter but when I did all my supports fell into place...  With that being said I honestly do not think my daughter would have made it this far today if we did not find ARTrelief.

I feel we would still have been struggling and my daughter would be in and out of hospitals. Your programs and just having Therapeutic Mentors available made a huge difference in our life. I am hoping to continue to get my daughter to come during the week in the summer to ARTrelief so she can continue to get some extra support...  I have passed the name 'ARTelief "on to many of Emma's therapists etc who were unaware of such a beautiful program you have to offer. I hope it helps other parents struggling find some peace of mind like it did for us... I am glad to know that if my daughter does ever need someone we can reach out to you guys. I am grateful to you that we can continue to come for support.... 


MR - parent, 2019

Cécile worked with my son at his day care and he loved to play with her. She is extremely flexible and very detail-oriented, and gave us precious advices that helped our son and the whole family tremendously. - Grazia, 7/26/11


Cécile Rêve has provided quality Expressive Arts Group Therapy to adolescent girls at Germaine Lawrence on several occasions. With a focus on Drama Therapy, her approach was creative, clinically skilled, and complementary to their overall treatment goals. Cecile Reve's leadership was well received by this population and we would recommend her services wholeheartedly. - Germaine Lawrence Professional, Arlington, MA, 1/09

I was lucky enough to have Cécile supervise me for one of my graduate internships in Expressive Therapies. She provided just the right balance of guidance and encouragement to help me feel confident and capable in my work. Her lightheartedness helped me remember to have fun and enjoy the ride, while still maintaining a reverence for the serious moments. She also had great suggestions for appropriate arts-based interventions guided by a deep understanding of the emotional and social needs at different developmental stages. I would absolutely recommend Cecile as a supervisor or therapist, and I would love the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Danielle Gagnon, LMHC, 3/13/13

Cécile has worked with our family and son for almost 5 years. Cecile is highly skilled, professional, empathetic, and thoughtful. She has taken the time to learn how best to work with and motivate our son - appreciating and respecting him as an individual and fostering his development in a patient and nurturing environment. As a result, under her tutelage, he has thrived musically and behaviorally. He loves working with her and looks forward to her weekly visits. In addition to expressive arts therapy and music, Cecile has done home-based counseling and school consultations. I have found her observations in that regard to be extremely helpful and insightful.

Parent, 1/09

ARTelief has been the most professional, and the human support is amazing. We’re so pleased to have them! 

- Parent, 2017

I had the privilege of working with Cécile Rêve over the course of 9 months. We worked closely together as she supervised me as Master’s level Clinical Mental Health Counselor, and Music Therapy Intern. Cecile possesses many talents and attributes that any organization would greatly benefit from and value. As a Supervisor, Cecile has a remarkable ability to listen, motivate, and inspire. She has a nurturing approach as she guides her students towards developing their professional identity. She communicates with clarity, genuineness, integrity, and transparency, which continually earns the respect of her supervisees. Cecile’s conviction for what she does shines through not only in the rapport and trust she develops in her relationships, but is evident by her artistic, and musical talents in which she shows great passion, innovation and skill. She is extremely in tune with those she engages, exhibiting her intellectual prowess, and adeptness in facilitating and maintaining student group cohesion, mutual trust, and respect. I can attest to her ability to foster a spirit of reconciliation, and empathy, which personally, prevented loss of morale for her trainees. Cecile is a remarkable individual and a dedicated professional. I can say honestly and without reservation that it would be my pleasure to work with her as a colleague in the future and I recommend her highly for any organization needing such a transpersonal leader. - J. Williams, Clinical Neurologic Music Therapy Intern, 11/21/15

It has been my personal pleasure to have worked with Cécile Rêve for the past 6 years on an Inclusive Support Service model supporting 3 and 4 year old children within the Boston area.  Cecile has provided onsite comprehensive services to many children struggling with social and emotional concerns.  Cecile has worked cohesively with families and providers to customize services to meet the individual needs of the child(ren).  Cecile provides high quality support that has been instrumental to the success of many children. - Loretta Prendeville, 1/09


One of my children has special needs and raising him has meant taking lots of attention and sometimes care from my other children. Our therapist suggested a siblings group that Cécile Rêve facilitated. That was an amazing experience for all of us. They participated in an Expressive Arts Therapy Group with a friendly format, it helped my other children understand the effects of having a sibling with special needs and ways that they could take care of themselves. I am forever grateful to her. Their experience was fun, creative, artistic and the last session was a celebration of care and nurturing.

N. (Parent), 1/09

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