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"Time Out" for Women

Healing with DBT and Mindfullness

Facilitated by Susan Dahl and Cécile Rêve

Dates: July 10, 17, 24,31  2018

Time: 6-8pm

Cost: $150, includes art material


"Clay is kneaded into a vessel;
The usefulness of the vessel
lies in the space where there is nothing."
Tao Te Ching, Chapter 11, translation by Yasuhiko Genku Kimura, 2004


This is a "time out", a pause in our busy lives, a group for women at all levels of their recovery. This is a trauma-sensitive group inclusive to women dealing with all types of issues such as stress, trauma, loss, anxiety, depression, addiction and low self-esteem. In this group we do not need to narrate our stories. An emphasis is placed on bringing the sensory world to a place of self-acceptance, connection and safety. 

This year, the "time out" for women group will focus on DBT/Mindfulness skills. DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy. It has proven to be effective in transforming negative thinking patterns and destructive behaviors. The intent is to help people who experience problems with anger or the expression of anger, episodic depression, irritability or anxiety, intense or chaotic relationships, impulsivity, stress and feelings of emptiness. DBT assists participants in regulating emotions, tolerating stress, and improving relationships. At ARTrelief, DBT is used in combination with the expressive arts to promote understanding and practice of new skills. A combination of group instruction and individual sessions enables more effective and enduring growth, with the goal of assisting participants in taking charge of their lives.

Each week, DBT skills will be presented with exercises drawn from visual art, movement, improvisation and music. 

This is an open space for emotional, intellectual and spiritual freedom; a space of non-judgment with yourselves and others where we can explore, unfold and discover how our imagination can salve inner conflicts and heal the wounds of our history. 

Note: An intake packet will be emailed to you upon registration, please fill it out and return it prior to starting the group. If you wish to use your health insurance for this group, please provide your health insurance information on the form, which you can email back at We will be contact with you upon receipt of this information to set up and appointment.

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