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Anger is a Perfect Feeling

Anger is not a flaw. Scientifically speaking, we humans are built with a sensory system giving us the capacity to feel an array of feelings, anger being one of them. Though I agree that it is not healthy to "hang out" in anger or repeatedly be angry about the same thing, or justify hurting others through it, anger is a very important feeling, as any, and it has saved lives and created momentum for necessary changes. Feeling and managing anger requires a lot of inner strength, honesty, self-discipline and courage. The "zen culture" we live in sometimes promotes "not feeling anger", it puts down anger as if it is a bad thing to feel, a "second class" feeling. I think this has no scientific basis and is spiritually confusing. Why would we be made with the ability to feel anger, all fo us, if it were so imperfect? I think anger, is a perfect feeling. Wanting to be "all love" and "all compassion" though a great model to follow, can also invite escapism and a loss of touch with context and reality. Our lives become a bubble where we can avoid facing our difficulty with and sometimes inability to cope with anger arising inside us and around us. There is a source of vanity in being seduced by this "godly state" and this is often mistaken as a "spiritual state". My understanding is that one cannot bypass anger when it is a reality of what arises in our sensory body. One can transform it, but not without out living that inner tornado or earthquake first. Love has it's purpose, compassion has it's purpose, so does anger. The classification of feelings in better or worse ones is dangerous for our collective mental health.

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