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Time and Space - Daily tip #2

A big change in our lives, be it positive or unwelcome, will significantly affect our relationship to time and space. We move through our life one moment to another, defined by it's time and space. The way we schedule our day, what route we take to go work or come back from school, if we brush our teeth before we dress up, how long we spend in the shower, what we prioritize based on what matters, who we can visit and what physical distance we stand from one another... all of our routines and rituals, define the quality of our presence on our path trough life in a profound way.

When our habits are disrupted because of external unfortunate circumstances, our experience of time and space itself changes, and so does our functioning and ways to access joy. Children are particularly sensitive to drastic time and space changes, not only because they experience a loss in relationship to their time and space mastery, but also because in trying times, the adults who take care of them temporarily experience that loss too.

So why is it important to acknowledge this? Because while our routines are a key ingredient to enabling us to actualize ourselves, be present and at our best, they are only meaningful if congruent with a sense of higher purpose and meaning in relationship to our environment. Through the shaping of time and space we may create and fulfill our destiny, but when the landscape ahead becomes redefined, especially when the landscape ahead is rapidly shifting, embracing our innate ability to live in openness of what may be, and creatively responding to transformations, bring us to a higher place.

Listen to the evolving music, step on the beat, and travel through the space with curiosity. Create new patterns, and everything else will follow...

The ARTrelief Team

Photo by Fabien Bazanegue on Unsplash - A yellow diamond shaped traffic sign indicating a curvy road, with "next 4 miles" indicated, in a desert rocky mountain landscape.

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