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One minute at a time - Daily Tip #5

"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time"

~ Abraham Lincoln

It is a great time for simplifying our lifestyle and following natural rhythms. This can be very helpful in regaining peace during times of chaos. Breaking things down in one step at a time increments makes our lives much more manageable. Increments allow us to feel prepared in mastering adversity, and this can be a 2 weeks at a time timeline, day by day, or even one minute at a time increments. We are all capable of finding inner peace amidst a storm. When we experience anxiety, become overwhelmed with worry or feel saturated emotions rising, we can get trough one minute at a time, by using anchoring thoughts and techniques:

  1. Think of an emotion you would like to anchor (confidence, maintaining calm and peace, feeling carefree, feeling connected to your empathy, remaining open to the unknown...).

  2. Remember a time when you felt this way.

  3. Think of an anchor that you would like to use and associate a gesture or sensory input to it ("The smell of freshly baked bread brings back memories of a happy carefree childhood").

  4. Recall the emotion you wish to anchor and "be there", don't look at it from a distance, engage your body and senses with the thought.

  5. Repeat the anchor over and over, the more you do the stronger it gets.

Get through that minute and feel better for a little while, repeat as needed!

The ARTrelief Team

Photo by Lucas Sankey on Unsplash - Person underwater holding anchor scale model


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