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Un-plug! - Daily Tip #3

Put yourself on a digital diet!

Easier said than done right?

When I was growing up we use to have to manage several consecutive days without electricity, and sometimes without run running water.

I found ways to function without these commodities, and more than that, some of my best memories are of making puzzles around of a candle light with family, or showering with bottles of water we had stocked for these kind of days. Now that suddenly, the only way we can reach out to family and friends, shop for essentials, and "go" to work or to school is virtually, how do we do that?

First you don't need to think of it or approach it as an extreme measure. Unplugging does not mean disconnecting. It means cleansing. You can unplug completely if this works in your lifestyle and feels right. But for most of us who have children and teenagers, or elder parents to care for, now may not be possible or the right time to start a technology fast: schooling and interests, now more than ever, evolve around technology. So how can we unplug, realistically?

I find it easier to think of it as deciding to eat healthy:

- reduce the toxic content when using it for leisure or news,

- use it for essential social, work related and educational purposes only,

- reduce the amount (no binge consumption), and stop when you are "full",

- balance it with other activities throughout the day,

- leave your phone at home when you go for a walk,

- use your phone to call to someone rather than using email, messenger or text,

- create a family policy and schedule for use of technology (e.g. "technology bedtime").

Try to challenge yourself in the next couple of weeks to reduce the unhealthy use of technology, and see if you feel better?

And on that note, we are unplugging to get a bit of perspective on what is happening in our new world, and we will see you in 2 days!

The ARTrelief Team

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash - Picture of shady woods with sun coming through the background.

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